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RuneFest itself is a serious spectacle. Following a dent keynote about the morning of Oct. 6, the rest from the massive convention center was opened up for the public. And behind those black curtains was the globe Rellekka, the Viking-inspired northern lands of RuneScape. Having just crossed the $1 billion revenue threshold, Jagex spared no expense in bringing an incredible experience to Buy RS Gold its most hardcore fans (or perhaps those willing to produce the annual pilgrimage to the present fan convention).

A mix of a huge E3 booth as well as a Disney World attraction, the Jagex events team brought every piece of information of the sport’s land your – right down towards the sound of lava flowing inside mining site or even the chirps of birds inside Fremennik forest area. There were even human NPCs throughout, making actual chain mail and hammering helmets healthy. And there are interactive places where players completed activities based on the RS Mobile Gold action’s Fremmenik Trials, and also an area for developers to showcase how characters and environments are manufactured for the on-going game’s development. And of course, there have been both PC and mobile versions of both Old School RuneScape and RuneScape. The mobile games were playable in a very wintery mountain, as the PC games were spread throughout the lands, and in addition available upstairs within a gigantic conference room that housed over 200 PCs.
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Crondis is one of the desert deities in Runescape. She has the body of a woman and the head of a crocodile. Their task was to accompany souls to the beyond and to judge them. Who is allowed to go to the hereafter and whose soul will be destroyed? Those souls traversed by wickedness were devoured by Crondis. That has changed the goddess over the years and spoiled her. This transformation is at the heart of the RS Mobile Gold story explored by the player.

Chief developer David "Mod" Osborne revealed in the interview that the player is thus in constant danger and can even forfeit a corruption mechanism.With Menaphos comes a new form of dungeon in which players do not even fight. You can enter the graves under the metropolis and find your way out within 5 minutes.

Concept Art to Entrance to the Catacombs: Players have 5 minutes to enter the ruins below the city and get out again. Here puzzles are solved and vases shattered.

In the 5 minutes as much loot is collected as possible. Individually or in
RuneScape Mobile Gold groups, players step on the ground and smash vases, solve puzzles and dismantle gigantic crystals. Only those who manage to get out of it within 5 minutes can keep their loot. The ultimate goal is corruption. He forms a rebellion, exploring tombs under the city and a new Berserker dungeon.
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