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Before I could start my saga, however, I needed to make money and buy some basic equipment. My shopping list comprised potions to Runescape gold boost my abilities, food to recoup my health, accessories to teleport to significant locations, and magical stones known as runes that are utilized to fuel charms, most especially handy teleport spells. I opted to make money by training Hunter, one of Runescape's newest skills. The basics of Hunter are easy: you set traps to catch little NPC critters and harvest their carcasses for resources. It is among the most life sim-like skills, and developing it was pleasurable for all the small subgoals involved.

From begin to finish, I spent around 20 hours searching, and by the end I had a clean cash pile to fund my questing and training. It was a long mill which took me a few days, but I enjoyed Hunter because I used different methods and seen many locations. I started off snaring birds at the south, then proceeded onto butterflies and Cheap OSRS gold hedgehog-like critters called kebbits in northern regions, until I could eventually search little explosive raccoons called chinchompas, which can be highly prized on Runescape's auction house, the Grand Exchange. As my Hunter degree improved, I needed to earn more and more experience to get to another level, so that I looked forward to unlocking new, faster ways to train, such as going from gray to reddish chinchompas.

Mastering chinchompas was particularly intriguing because I opted to hunt using a kind of animation cancelling called three-ticking. I'll spare you the specifics--only know that by putting in more effort and obtaining some timing down, you can shorten the runescape but time necessary to complete certain actions by tricking the game engine into overriding a long animation with a short one. Old School Runescape is still utilizing the identical engine from 11 decades ago, and this cartoon trick is just one of several ways players've pushed it to its limitations. Veteran players have figured out how to do all sorts of things Jagex never actually planned , from shortening animations to cheesing AI.


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KANSAS CITY, Mo. Authentic China Jerseys Wholesale . -- The first thing that Nick Foles did was to check on his buddy.Then, once Alex Smith was headed off for a concussion test, Foles focused on leading the Chiefs offense.He repeated the whole process later in the game.Under strange and difficult circumstances, Foles proved to be the calming hand that Kansas City needed at quarterback last weekend. He filled in admirably for Smith after he twice had his head bounce off the turf in Indianapolis, the second one knocking the starter from the game, and led the Chiefs to a 30-16 victory that was crucial to their hopes of catching Oakland and Denver in the AFC West.The only thing I was thinking about was hoping he was all right, Foles said. You play this game and you see something like that -- you never want to see it. Hes a guy that Im with every day, hes a guy that has been a really good friend of mine and thats really all I was thinking.Until he got on the field and his competitive nature took over.Things figure to be a little easier in that respect on Sunday, when Kansas City welcomes Jacksonville to Arrowhead Stadium. Foles was named the starter Wednesday when the Chiefs decided to sit Smith this week, even though he has passed every concussion test hes taken.That means a full week of practice. Normal pregame warmups.No wondering whether hell get in the game.Ive been going through a lot of mental reps. I get the mental reps every practice, Foles said before his first workout this week. This will be the first physical reps. Its good to be practicing, out there with the guys, running the game plan and seeing the different looks.Foles is hardly another backup quarterback thrust into a starting role.He was drafted in the third round by Chiefs coach Andy Reid when he was still in Philadelphia, and even started six games as a rookie. He then went 14-4 as a starter for Chip Kelly the next two years, including one season in which he threw for nearly 3,000 yards with 27 touchdown passes and only two interceptions.Things didnt work out last year with the Rams, and the Chiefs were quick to snatch him up as a free agent in training camp in the event that Smith would get hurt this season. Their durable starter wound up going down against the Colts.So, Foles entered the game, first for about a quarter as Smith passed his initial concussion tests. Then for the rest of the game when Smith, cleared to return, had to go through another round of concussion tests.Foles wound up going 16 of 22 for 223 yards and two touchdowns without an interception.Most importantly, the Chiefs kept rolling to a victory.We didnt have to change anything when he went in, Reid said. He was fine doing the offense. I wasnt looking at the sheet going, `What can I and cant I call? Thats not how I felt with him.Foles also presents an element of uncertainty for the Jaguars, who have faced Smith a few times and knew what to expect. Jacksonville coach Gus Bradley was scouring tape this week of Foles in Philadelphia, hoping to glean a few bits of information to help piece together a game plan.Hes very accurate and he makes good decisions. The one year he threw very few interceptions compared to touchdowns in Philly, Bradley said. He makes good decisions. You look at timing, accuracy, decision making and he has those traits. We have high respect for him.The job could be a short-lived fill-in role. Smith expects to be back next week at Carolina. But its also a crucial one. Kansas City has won three straight and is squarely in playoff contention.Theyre a good team with some real talented players. This is a big prep week, especially for me. This is my first playing time in a little while, Foles said. We have to go out, have a great week of practice and get ready for them.Game notes WR Jeremy Maclin did not practice Thursday with a groin injury. Its unclear whether he will be available Sunday. Also missing practice were DL Jaye Howard (knee) and RB Spencer Ware (concussion). ... LB Derrick Johnson (hamstring) and CB D.J. White (hand) were limited in practice.---For more NFL coverage: www.pro32.ap.org and http://twitter.com/AP-NFL NFL Cheap Jerseys . 10 VCU 85-67 on Thursday night at the Puerto Rico Tip-Off. The Seminoles (4-0) have scored at least 80 points in each of their games. China Jerseys Cheap . The CFLs leading rusher kept adding to his gaudy numbers this season and scored the winning touchdown with just over two minutes to play. The New Westminster, B.C., native plowed three yards into the end zone for the last score of a heated, see-saw battle between the two teams with the best records in the CFL. http://www.nflcheapchinajerseys.com/ . Reassurance came from Paul Tesori, his caddie and close friend whose newborn son is in intensive care in a Florida hospital. "Paul sent me a text this morning, just told me he loved me and wanted to go out and fight as hard as I would any other day," Simpson said Sunday after doing just that. In West Virginias 108-61 win over Manhattan on Monday night, the Mountaineers forced the Jaspers to turn the ball over 41 times -- a school record. Head coach Bob Huggins style over the years is to get up and down the floor, force turnovers and get easy transition buckets.West Virginias 5-1 start to the 2016-17 season is exactly that, as the Mountaineers surpassed 100 points three times in those six games, and are second in the nation in forced turnovers.Saturday will be Huggins and West Virginias toughest test of the season by far as they travel to Charlottesville, Va., to take on sixth-ranked and undefeated Virginia. The Cavaliers won their 24th consecutive game at home on Wednesday night with a 63-61 come-from-behind win over Ohio State. The Cavaliers trailed by as many as 16 in the game but rallied late to preserve their unbeaten record and home winning streak.We have played some solid basketball but we have to be ready, Virginia head coach Tony Bennett said of his team moving forward. We cannot afford another sleepy start.Virginia ranks eighth in the country in fewest turnovers as the Cavaliers have done a good job of taking care of the ball this season behind senior point guard London Perrantes. Despite five turnovers in Virginias win over the Buckeyes, Perrantes turned the ball over just 10 times this season, and the Cavaliers turned it over just 61 times as a team. West Virginia will likely test the sure-handed Cavaliers in Saturdays matchup despite Virginia handling the Mountaineers pressure last season.The Cavaliers knocked offf West Virginia 70-54 in last years matchup and defense is still where Bennett and his teams mindset remains. Wholesale Jerseys China. Last years team maybe had a little more firepower and could afford to be sleepy at times, Bennett said. Our message this year is be ready. Our defense cannot take a possession off or get loose.While the Cavaliers dont have the firepower on offense they did last season, they have a balanced scoring attack. Virginia currently has five players averaging at least seven points with Perrantes leading the way at 10.6 points per game.West Virginia also boasts a balanced scoring attack, with guard Nathan Adrian leading the way at 13.5 points per game.Virginia will need to take a conservative approach to its matchup with West Virginia to avoid letting the Mountaineers control the game.You guys know from last year how tough it was, and they play the whole game pressing the ball, Perrantes said of the Mountaineers. We played a little bit of the offense that we will play against them tonight against Ohio State. We werent planning on it, but it was just something we needed to do.The Cavaliers showed a four-guard lineup a few times in the second half against the Buckeyes that proved to work for Bennetts squad. Playing a lineup similar to that against West Virginia should help the Cavaliers take care of the ball and keep their turnover total down.Virginia and West Virginia tip off at 2 p.m. on Saturday. Cheap MLB Jerseys cheap jerseys Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping cheap nfl jerseys Cheap Jerseys USA China Jerseys Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys Cheap Jerseys For Sale Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys Cheap NBA Jerseys ' ' ' 
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STONY BROOK, N. Cheap New York Giants Jerseys .Y. -- Mike Williams sank two free throws with three seconds left and Rutgers held off Stony Brook 71-66 Saturday night, scoring its last 10 points from the line.C.J. Gettys scored on a layup and a foul shot, the three-point play coming in the midst of a 15-0 run and boosting Rutgers into the lead for good, 57-55, with just under nine minutes left. Stony Brook had opened the second half on an 8-0 clip and led until going scoreless for five minutes during Rutgers pivotal rally.Nigel Johnson led the Scarlet Knights (9-1) with a career-high 21 points off the bench, including 7 of 9 at the foul line. Corey Sanders added 13 points and Deshawn Freeman eight points and 12 rebounds. Issa Thiam and Gettys each scored eight points.Akwasi Yeboah led Stony Brook with a career-high 18 points, the redshirt freshman hitting six 3-pointers including one that cut the gap to 67-66 with 2:07 left. Roland Nyama added 17 points while Lucas Woodhouse scored nine with eight assists.Trailing 69-66 and time winding down, UC Iroegbu, eight points, missed a potential game-tying trey with six seconds left.Williams was fouled after collaring the defensive rebound and sank the game-icing free throws. Rutgers owned a 38-27 advantage on the boards.Iroegbu and Woodhouse opened the second half with back-to-back 3-pointers, prompting a Rutgers timeout just 1:10 in.With nine wins, the Scarlet Knights have already surpassed last seasons win total from a 7-25 season. Rutgers opens Big Ten play Dec. 27 at Wisconsin.UP NEXTRutgers: Plays host to Fairleigh Dickinson on Wednesday, Dec. 14, the last of four nonconference road games.Stony Brook: Visits Hofstra Tuesday, Dec. 13. Cheap Tennessee Titans Jerseys . According the Toronto Star, a knee injury will keep Sundin out of the lineup, which includes former teammates Gary Roberts, Darcy Tucker, Tie Domi and Curtis Joseph. Wholesale Football Jerseys Outlet .C. -- Kemba Walker and the Charlotte Bobcats got off to a fast start, and the Sacramento Kings were never quite able to catch up. http://www.wholesalejerseysnfloutlet.com/cheap-denver-broncos-jerseys/ .Y. -- Sabres forward Drew Stafford has witnessed plenty of turmoil during his eight seasons in Buffalo. OREM, Utah -- Shane Rector sank a free throw with one second to play in overtime to give Utah State an 80-79 win over Utah Valley on Saturday night.Rectors winning foul shot -- his second of two -- came after he first tied the game at 79 following a back-and-forth battle for dominance throughout the overtime period.Koby McEwen led the Aggies (5-4) with 21 points. Rector finished with 18 points and Jalen Moore added 15.Conner Toolson notched his first career double-double with 24 pointts and 11 rebounds for the Wolverines (5-4). Cheap Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys. Isaac Neilson added 16 points and 14 rebounds.The Wolverines led 38-32 at the break but Utah State battled back and a dunk by Rector put the Aggies on top 71-70 with just over a minute to go. Neilson tied it at 71 on a free throw with 52 seconds remaining in regulation, sending the game into overtime. Cheap MLB Jerseys cheap jerseys Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping cheap nfl jerseys Cheap Jerseys USA China Jerseys Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys Cheap Jerseys For Sale Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys Cheap NBA Jerseys ' ' ' 
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LOS ANGELES -- Knowing San Diego lacked a solid inside presence, UCLA went after the Toreros where it hurt. Discount NCAA Throwback Jerseys .T.J. Leaf had 26 points and 10 rebounds and fellow freshman Lonzo Ball added 13 points to help the 16th-ranked Bruins win 88-68 on Thursday night.T.J., he can shoot it, pass it and handle it, UCLA coach Steve Alford said. That just opens up your offense even more.Thomas Welsh had 12 points and 11 rebounds as one of six players in double figures for the Bruins (3-0), who failed to top 100 points for the first time this season. They averaged 110.5 points in victories over Pacific and Cal State Northridge.Six guys got to the free throw line, six guys got rebounds and assists, Alford said. It enables us to stretch our offense.San Diegos Brett Bailey tied his career high with 22 points and Cameron Neubauer added a career-best 14 points despite playing the second half with three fouls.Baileys 3-pointer drew the Toreros (0-3) within four points early in the second half before Leaf and Ball teamed up for an entertaining offensive show.Leaf got things started with a one-handed dunk on a give-and-go with Isaac Hamilton and followed with another one-handed jam on Balls assist. The highly touted freshmen reversed things, with Leaf feeding Ball for a dunk before Leaf scored inside. The Bruins had 21 assists.Ive never played with this much talent around me before, Leaf said. It takes adjusting to get used to, but were starting to get used to our roles.Leaf kept up the theatrics with another dunk before finishing off the 16-8 run with a two-handed dunk on Balls alley-oop pass that extended UCLAs lead to 58-45.We wanted to give it to them inside a little bit, Leaf said. We really wanted to make our presence around the basket and we did that.Consecutive baskets by Ball and a 3-pointer by Leaf pushed the Bruins lead to 68-52.The Toreros couldnt defend UCLAs surge. Bailey and Neubauer did all of San Diegos second-half scoring until Olin Carter III scored eight straight points with 6:13 to go.Our kids really competed, but against an explosive team like UCLA, we gave up so much size, second-year San Diego coach Lamont Smith said. They had 46 points in the paint; it was not just post-up points, but its what they got in the interior.Hamilton added 12 points and Aaron Holiday had 11 for the Bruins, who shot 52 percent.BIG PICTURESan Diego: The Toreros face a long climb this season, having been picked to finish last in the West Coast Conference coaches poll. They lost by 10 points to San Diego State in their season opener and still have New Mexico State and Southern California among their non-conference games. No. 14 Gonzaga looms twice during conference play, too.UCLA: The Bruins have an easy schedule leading up to their first big challenge of the season against No. 2 Kentucky on Dec. 3 in Rupp Arena. They also play Big Ten opponents Michigan and Ohio State in December.POLL IMPLICATIONSIf they keep winning, the Bruins figure to stay solidly in the middle of the rankings for the rest of the month. Theyll be tested much more in December with games against No. 2 Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio State and No. 4 Oregon.TIP-INSSan Diego: The Toreros got outrebounded 43-38, but owned a 14-7 edge on the offensive glass. ... Carter finished with 13 points. ... They made 10 3-pointers, including three each from Bailey and Carter. ... The Toreros attempted 75 field goals and 31 3-pointers.UCLA: Leaf was 11 of 13 from the field and made all four of his free throws. ... Bryce Alford chipped in 10 points. ... All seven of the Bruins players scored. ... Ball finished with eight assists and seven rebounds. ... The Bruins made 19 of 22 free throws, and so far have been much more consistent at the line than last season. Thats going to be crucial in tight games, the elder Alford said.UP NEXTSan Diego: Hosts Nicholls State on Sunday, the first of four straight home games this month.UCLA: Hosts Long Beach State on Sunday, the last of four consecutive home games to start the season. The Bruins are 14-1 against the 49ers.---More AP college basketball: www.collegebasketball.ap.org and https://twitter.com/AP-Top25. Cheap College Jerseys China . -- Jimmie Johnson held off a teammate, passed a pair of Hall of Famers, and dominated once more at Dover. Cheap Throwback NCAA Jerseys Outlet . Neymar curled home a free kick from just outside the area to put the 2014 World Cup host ahead in the 44th minute. Three minutes after the break, a simple through pass from Paulinho freed Oscar and the Chelsea star rounded goalkeeper Jung Sung-ryong to extend Brazils lead. http://www.cheapthrowbackcollegejerseys.com/ . - Derek Wolfe says hes finally healthy after suffering a seizure in November that doctors now believe was related to the spinal cord injury he suffered in the preseason. Each day, well provide you with the players to target in your daily leagues, from the high-priced stars to the solid midrange values to the cheaper, riskier players with upside.In general, you want to use safer options in your cash games and rely on some riskier, high-upside options in your bigger tournaments. If you can average at least five points per $1,000 of salary, youll typically end up with at leeast some cash in your pocket. Authentic Throwback NCAA Jerseys. Note: Were sending out these Insider tips early in the day, and a lot can change after these are posted. Be sure to follow our Twitter list of NBA reporters, bloggers and announcers for late-breaking injury updates and lineup changes. Cheap MLB Jerseys cheap jerseys Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping cheap nfl jerseys Cheap Jerseys USA China Jerseys Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys Cheap Jerseys For Sale Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys Cheap NBA Jerseys ' ' ' 
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SUZUKA, Japan -- Mercedes has withdrawn the protest it lodged against Max Verstappen at the Japanese Grand Prix, allowing the FIA to publish the official race classification four and half hours after the chequered flag fell at Suzuka. cheap jerseys from china .In a bizarre turn of events, Mercedes initially protested Verstappens defence of second place from Lewis Hamilton at Suzukas final chicane, arguing that the Dutch teenager drove erratically and in a dangerous manner. However, by the time the protest had been lodged and the stewards convened for a hearing, both Hamilton and Verstappen had left the circuit and were unable to give evidence.Under FIA procedure, the stewards decided to defer the investigation to the U.S. Grand Prix, meaning the result of the Japanese Grand Prix was set to remain provisional until the next round in two weeks. At that point Mercedes withdrew the protest, just one hour and 20 minutes after it had been officially lodged.The plot appeared to thicken soon after when Hamilton took to Twitter to say: There is no protest from either myself or @MercedesAMGF1. One idiot said we have but its not true. Max drove well, end of. We move on.It is not clear who Hamilton was referring to as an idiot, but the tweet was later removed and replaced with the following post.Asked why the protest had been withdrawn, a Mercedes spokesperson said: We have done this in the interests of establishing a final official result this evening once it became apparent that the hearing could not be concluded today.As a result, Verstappen will keep his second place finish at Suzuka ahead of Hamilton in third. wholesale nfl jerseys . Q: Team Canada announces their Olympic roster three weeks from today. Who is general manager Steve Yzerman watching? LeBrun: Over the last 48 hours, hes taken in the home-and-home between the Dallas Stars and Colorado Avalanche with Jamie Benn and Matt Duchene being the obvious targets. Wholesale jerseys from china . The phone hearing is scheduled for 4:30pm et/1:30pm pt. Winchester, who was not penalized for the hit, appeared to make contact with Kellys head early in the first period of Thursdays game in Boston. http://www.nfljerseyscheapfromchina.cc/ . Brad Jacobs and his Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., team took control of the game early. Jameis Winston?seemed to have a slight edge on fellow Heisman Trophy winner?Marcus Mariota?in Year 1 in the NFL.In the 2015 draft, Winston was picked?first?and Mariota was picked second. Winston had the better rookie season. Mariota struggled through injuries and growing pains in Year 1, while Winston had a 4,000-yard passing season. Mariotas one claim over Winston was a 42-14 Tennessee Titans win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their NFL debuts in which the Titans QB had four touchdown passes and no interceptions.Plenty has happened to them over the past yearr and a half. nfl jerseys china. Both have a new head coach in Year 2, and both have a better team around them in Year 2. So which young quarterback has the brightest future?We asked five NFL front-office executives about which QB theyd want on their team right now -- and for the next 10 years. The results were close, but one has the edge.Heres what?the executives, who were granted anonymity, said?about the debate between Winston and Mariota: Cheap MLB Jerseys cheap jerseys Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping cheap nfl jerseys Cheap Jerseys USA China Jerseys Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys Cheap Jerseys For Sale Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys Cheap NBA Jerseys ' ' ' 
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Sydney defender Michael Talia will be forced to wait a little longer for a chance to resurrect his AFL career. Wholesale Jerseys 2018 .Talia avoided conviction on Thursday after pleading guilty to drug possession.The 23-year-old, who was handed a 12-month good behaviour bond at Sydneys Waverley Local Court, has been stood down from all club activities since being caught on July 17 with cocaine.Football manager Tom Harley says the time frame for the punishment is indefinite.That remains the case, such is the severity of this situation, Harley said.Its clearly disappointing and concerning to have one of our players in this position.But Michael is a Swans player and we will continue to support him from both a welfare and education perspective.As a club, we will now sit down with Michael and discuss our next steps, in terms of how and when he might return to training.The AFL released a statement on Thursday night, noting the league has been supportive of how they (Sydney) have dealt with this matter.Talia, who was traded to the Swans last year by the Western Bulldogs, is unlikely to play this year at AFL level.The Swans are third on the ladder, having banked 13 wins from the opening 19 rounds.Talia, who spent the first half of the season recovering from a serious foot injury, was stopped by police outside a nightclub in Sydneys eastern suburbs.Court documents showed he initially told officers it wasnt mine after he was found with a small bag of cocaine.From a clubs point of view, weve now got the facts, which we stated we were keen to unearth a couple of weeks ago, Harley said outside court.As a footy club, were obviously disappointed to be here today in support of Michael.Talia, speaking alongside Harley, said he was very disappointed in his actions.Im looking forward to learning from this experience and hopefully putting it all behind me, he said.The AFL confirmed Talia had been given a strike under the leagues illicit drugs policy.A player is issued a suspended $5000 fine and must attend counselling and education programs after his first strike.A second detection results in a four-match ban and $5000 fine, while a third is punished with a 12-match suspension and $10,000 fine. Cheap NFL Jerseys 2018 . A knee to the thigh might have stung him the most, but his sixth straight double-double made up for the brief burst of pain. Wholesale Hockey Jerseys 2018 .C. -- Charlotte Bobcats coach Steve Clifford said after all of these years in the NBA hes still amazed at some of the things LeBron James does. http://www.wholesalejerseys2018.us.com/ .ca. Kerry,  Just watched the shootout in the Coyotes/Leafs game and I have to ask, why was the James van Riemsdyk goal allowed to count?  All of the video replays we were shown on TV were inconclusive about whether the puck had entirely crossed the line or not. KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The third preseason game is usually the dress rehearsal for the regular season, the one time in the four-game series when starters play into the third quarter as if the outcome mattered.It will be hard for the Kansas City Chiefs to approach Saturdays game in Chicago that way.Chiefs coach Andy Reid said after the final practice of the week Thursday that several starters and backups will not play due to injuries and their rehab situation. Among them are pass rusher Tamba Hali, running backs Jamaal Charles and Charcandrick West and linebacker Josh Mauga.We were able to get some good work out of some of the guys who were hurt, Reid said. I thought that was important this week. But they have a couple more weeks before we start and we have one more game after this.The fourth preseason game is usually the game where starters play the fewest snaps, ensuring that they remain healthy for the games that count. But in this unorthodox preseason, big names such as Hali and Charles may find their way onto the field against Green Bay.Hali returned to practice this week after offseason knee surgery, though the Chiefs are taking a slow approach to working him into the mix. He routinely sits out some of the drills, much like he did last season, when he would only play on Sunday.Charles has been back for a couple weeks after surgery to repair his ACL last season. But much like Hali, Reid has taken a slow-and-steady approach to getting him back to work.The common denominator with both of them: They have done this before. Hali is entering his 11th year in the league, Charles is entering his ninth. So its not as if they need meaningless preseason games, even if its only to shake off the rust.Asked if they would play at all in the preseason, Reid replied: Only if I feel like theyre right. I think theyre all right, but Im not going to stick them out there if ttheres a question. NFL Jerseys 2018. Running backs coach Eric Bieniemy certainly isnt worried about Charles, who is coming back from a torn ACL for the second time.Hes done a great job this entire offseason, Bieniemy said. Hes right where he needs to be.West has been dealing with a mild elbow sprain that he sustained in the Chiefs first preseason game. He practiced Thursday wearing a bulky brace but, like Hali and Charles, is not going to be rushed back onto the field.Mauga continues to miss time with a groin injury. The presumptive starter alongside Derrick Johnson in the middle of the Chiefs defense was also inactive for Kansas Citys first two preseason games, which has raised the importance of the competition between Justin March and Ramik Wilson.Other players who will be inactive on Saturday include Tyler Bray, who is trying to earn a spot as the third-string quarterback behind Alex Smith and Nick Foles, and Dezman Moses, who is trying to prove he can prove depth at linebacker with Justin Houston out for the foreseeable future.One name not on the list? Phillip Gaines.The cornerback is also coming back from a torn ACL sustained last season, and hes first in line to start opposite defensive rookie of the year Marcus Peters. Gaines was inactive for the first two preseason games but participated more in practice this week and could play against the Bears.Theres a good chance, Reid said. Well see how he did today.Game notes Reid said the starters will play into the third quarter, then give way to the backups and third-teamers. He also hopes to get all four available QBs into the game with Aaron Murray and Kevin Hogan also trying to earn a roster spot.---AP NFL website: www.pro32.ap.org and AP NFL Twitter feed: http://twitter.com/AP-NFL Cheap MLB Jerseys cheap jerseys Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping cheap nfl jerseys Cheap Jerseys USA China Jerseys Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys Cheap Jerseys For Sale Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys Cheap NBA Jerseys ' ' ' 
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